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Committee Meeting

The next committe meeting TBA

New Mini Leagues

The new squash mini leagues and the new racketball mini leagues are now posted.

Court Shoes

In order to keep the new courts in the best condition possible we would like to remind members that the correct court shoes should only be worn on the court. In other words your court shoes should never be worn outside.

Court Refurbishment

All 3 courts have now had walls cleaned floors sanded and are back in operation as of 3pm Friday 4th January. Although the floors have been carfully cleaned there may still be some dust about so take care for the next few days. Thanks for your patience, especially the members who had to suffer rebookings.

Club Lights

Reminder to all members, when leaving the club empty please switch off all lights. Save money and the environment!

Court Sponsorship

There are a few court advertising slots avaialbale if you are interested in becoming a court sponsor please contact any of the committe members for more information.


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