Squash Knockout Final

The Club Squash Knockout final took place on Thursday 11th February 2016 between Nick Padgett and Jon Horler.

The match was won by Nick 3-0 ( 15-10, TB 4-2 and TB 2-0) Whilst Nick won in straight games the results showing two tie breaks reflects a strong defence by Jon who almost took the second game.

Congratulations to Nick and thanks to both players for proving a full gallery of spectators with a very entertaining and enjoyable match. Thanks also to Steve Birss who marked the match.

Prelim Round Round 1 Quarters Semis Final
N. Padgett N. Padgett N. Padgett N. Padgett N. Padgett
J. Newman
I. White -
R. Brocklesby
M. Lambert - M.Clemson
N. Downes
M. Clemson M. Clemson
M. Vahey
D. Burnett D. Burnett D. Burnett D. Burnett
P. Parsons
S. Birss S. Birss
B. Scott
M. Hatfield M. Hatfield M. Hatfield
J. Hill
A. Griffiths -
J. Maxwell
C. Harding - D. Ross H. Hanson J. Horler
G. Aylott
D. Ross D. Ross
B. Bassett
H. Hanson H. Hanson H. Hanson
C. Brooks
J. Burnett J. Burnett
J. Chalk
J. Curl A. Vehey M. Archibald J. Horler
A. Vehey
M. Archibald M. Archibald
V. Brown
D. Berriman B. Matson J. Horler
B. Matson
G. Bell J. Horler
J. Horler



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